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It’s time to get ready and geared up for Destiny: Rise of Iron

It’s time to get ready and geared up for Destiny: Rise of Iron


We’re just Days away from the release of TheRise Of Iron and Bungie are doing a great job at getting guardians all around the world excited. After the debut of Destiny on an MLG Stream Bungie released Private Matches early, now guardians can play crucible with their friends and foes in an easy and customisable way. This has gone down great with Bungie’s player base and private matches are quickly becoming one of the best activities in the Destiny universe.

Another great addition has been the introduction of the new exotic weapon the trespasser. Bungie never mentioned the fact that this weapon would be available before the Rise Of Iron release but players began to acquire the weapon from exotic engrams after the most recent update. The weapon itself is a fun weapon to use however it is too early to say whether it will be a game changer or not. Aesthetically the gun looks like Robo cops hand gun and fires similar to a pulse rifle.

How To Prepare For Destiny: The Rise Of Iron.

While playing private matches is a lot of fun many Guardians are wondering what would be the best way to prepare for the Rise Of Iron would be. Well for a start be sure to start stocking up on engrams. While there has been no confirmation from Bungie as to whether old engrams will decrypt into new armour and weapons, it is still a good idea as ranking up with the cryptarch can unlock new shaders and give you new legendary engrams.

Secondly try and edge up all of your faction rankings such as Crucible, Vanguard, Dead Orbit, New Monarchy and Future War Cult. If you can get all these factions close to levelling up then on release of Rise Of Iron you can finish the level and receive some sweet new loot from your faction packages. a good way to make this easy for you would be to have an inventory full of finished bounties for both Vanguard and crucible.

Thirdly if you still haven’t managed to reach max light level there’s some good news Bungie has activated all challenge modes in the Kings Fall raid meaning there is lots of max light armour and weapons up for grabs. So be sure to find some good raiding friends and take on the raid for some great loot.

How To Prepare For Destiny: The Rise Of Iron.

Another thing you should probably do is a little bit of house cleaning in the tower. Have a good look through your vault at weapons and armour pick out the pieces that you don’t use or don’t intend to use and make some space because with Rise Of Iron will come many new weapons and armour to grind for. In saying that don’t get rid of everything, feel free to keep some of your old favourites because they might not be available to get again.

Try and stock up on as many materials and currency as you can to get ready for The Rise of Iron.

One of the most important items to stock up on would be legendary marks try and make sure that on release day you are at the max amount of 200. Make sure to have plenty of armour and weapon parts because there are going to be plenty new items to upgrade and that goes for planetary materials as well. Finally don’t waste any three of coins that you may be holding as these might come in handy if Xur arrives with some brand new stock.


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