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Published on March 22nd, 2016 | by Luis Acosta


Albany, NY (March 22, 2016) Late last week, PixlBit Studios received final release approval from Nintendo for their highly anticipated inaugural title, PixlCross, for the Wii U. Releasing March 31 on the Wii U eShop,  PixlCross will be the first nonogram-style puzzle game made available for the Wii U. The feature-packed title will be available for the low price of only $5.99.

PixlCross, like Picross, has players leverage hints to fill in a grid and reveal a hidden picture. Boasting more than 150 puzzles across four levels of difficulty, players start by solving puzzles on simple 5×5 grids, but can eventually conquer the challenging final puzzles on massive 35×35 grids!  The game’s handy auto-save feature allows players to start as many puzzles as they want without ever losing progress!

Since the game’s initial reveal, PixlBit Studios has made some notable improvements, many of which enhance Miiverse™ interaction and improve gameplay. After creating a puzzle using the robust puzzle editing tool, players can now share an ID code on Miiverse™ and other social media channels that will allow friends, family and fellow players to easily download their creations. Additionally, PixlCross now lets players track the popularity of their shared puzzles. Compete against your best friend, your crazy aunt, or a fellow Miiverse™ player to have one of the most popular puzzles in the country.

The update also provides sleeker, more streamlined menus for an optimized puzzle-solving experience! In-game, players will now know as soon as they’ve solved a portion of a row or column, to help complete puzzles even faster. When you finish a puzzle, be sure to tap the newly added Miiverse™ button to boast about your success! Whether using the GamePad on the Wii U or the mouse on the PC, it’s spectacularly simple and intuitive to interact with  PixlCross. Simply slide along the grid to fill in or cross out grid boxes. Boxes count as you fill, pop-out hints eliminate unnecessary scrolling, and the auto-scroll feature makes it even easier to tackle even the toughest challenges!

For gamers without a Wii U system, the  Steam Greenlight campaign for PixlCross is still awaiting your “Yes” votes so that it may see proper release on PC, Mac and Linux.

For more information about  PixlCross, please visit http://www.pixlbitstudios.com/pixlcrosshttp://www.pixlbitstudios.com , or join the discussion on Facebook at  http://www.facebook.com/PixlBitStudios  or at Twitter  @PixlBitStudios/@PixlCross.

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