Published on August 26th, 2014 | by Luis Acosta

Will Destiny break every sales record ever made in video game history?

Consider it from all angles:

4.6 million people participated in the beta. Granted, it was an open beta so anyone with a compatible platform could download and play, but that’s still a ridiculous number. GameStop announced that Destiny is the most pre-ordered new IP in the company’s history. It was also revealed that the vast majority of feedback from that beta was overwhelmingly positive.

But it doesn’t end there. There are more factors, all of which point toward massive sales for Bungie’s impending blockbuster. Let’s also not forget the current trends in gaming and what seems to be most popular.

Combine a shooter with an open-world scenario and…wow

If you can manage to blend an MMO-style single-player experience, in which one player really gets hooked on powering up his character, with an online multiplayer FPS experience, you’ve got an automatic winner. On top of which, we’re talking about a shooter, arguably the most popular form of interactive multiplayer entertainment in the world. It’s like Activision and Bungie pinpointed every possible aspect of gaming that’s popular today, and rolled it into one ridiculously tempting product.

This is evident in the aforementioned feedback and general buzz surrounding the game. You see very little in the way of negative headlines. Even those who say Destiny isn’t their cup of tea admit that it’ll probably be a great game. It has also been one of the most talked-about titles in 2014 thus far, and quite possibly the most anticipated game of the generation. The style of this game fits in beautifully with what people want these days, and that’s that.

Call of Duty has a lot to prove, Battlefield are Evolve gone, and Far Cry is not a huge competitor in the multiplayer world

Destiny appears to stand alone. The new Call of Duty has a lot to prove, especially after last year’s Ghosts entry (which nobody seemed to like very much). Battlefield: Hardline, the other major player in the online competitive space, has disappeared into 2015, and Far Cry 4, while destined to be a fantastic game, relies more on its campaign than its multiplayer. The developers have said they’re going to provide players with a much more in-depth and robust multiplayer component this time around but let’s face it, it won’t hold a candle to Destiny. At least, not in terms of popularity.

Evolve is the other hugely promising shooter that got pushed. The only other potential competitor – that’s actually quite similar to Destiny – is Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, but that’s not coming out for next-gen consoles, and it’s getting very little press and attention right now. In short, the competition is positioned in a way that Destiny almost has to take advantage. And I’m pretty sure it will.

Timing helps, too!

The game releases on September 9, after a mostly boring summer. Those with next-gen consoles are itching to get something that feels like a next-gen production and many are convinced they’ll get it with Destiny. On top of which, the title releases well before some of the heavy hitters, including the major competition in the form of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. By the time the latter game comes out, people will have been playing Destiny for a good seven weeks. That’s a solid jump on the competition.

Lastly, let’s not forget about that supposed ten-year lifespan. If the game really does last that long, imagine how many it’ll sell in that span of time. From the moment this game bursts onto the scene, it’s going to be selling like mad and I guarantee records will fall.

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