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Castlevania: Lords of the Shadow 2 REVIEW

Castlevania: Lords of the Shadow 2 review for the Xbox One.

Today I wanted to share a story with you. I happened to have a day off; which is unheard of! So, I decided to head out to perform some chores. As I walked around different stores I thought to myself, “wouldn’t today be a great day to get back in to gaming! Better yet if I could find that type of game you never want to put down!”. So, I dropped by Best Buy and Game Stop and this little voice in my head called Steven Liles came up and said “oh no you didn’t” but I did. So I was looking around and remember that before our super, monster, overwhelming upgrade started; Castlevania: Lords of the Shadow 2 was going to be released! Looked up some reviews on my Samsung Note3 and was on my way! Made my purchase and got home excited but yet again had another moment. You know the moment when Steven, Andres, and Allen all mock me because I purchased an XBox 360 game! Ahhhh the horror.

Well I got home unpacked the sucker and started the playing! The opening sequence was amazing! Konami, has done it again, then the old man came home. He sat down and started helping! Now I know we have a winner. See it’s one thing for me to enjoy a game but when Rayford is cheering me on and is actively involved you know we have found a winner!

Quickly it became evident that Castlevania: Lords of the Shadow 2 was going to be an entirely story-driven and an action adventure game. Extremely reminiscent of God of War. With titanic boss bottles that are both a combination of action-bash-and-crash and targeted button sequences.

Allright I have only finished chapter one so lets talk really quickly about it….

The opening sequence has Dracula aka Simon sitting on his throne drinking blood from a golden goblet. As I am being made familiar with the awesome powers of the Dark Prince himself; I am learning button combinations, powers and a whole host of delicious attack abilities.


After a short but humbling introduction I am brought face to face with the Paladin, God’s holy warrior. Let me tell you this home boy will hand you your ass from the moment you are in the fight. (kind of reminds me of SyFy’s Dominion in almost every way! )

Once we teach the Paladin who’s in charge, he brings out the Titan! Again makes me feel like I am playing God of War but don’t worry Konami – You did good! I loved this sequence and if I could would have played this sequence at least 50 times. Visually stunning, action packed and just good old fun! Holy shit! It’s a game with a great story, button smashing and I don’t want to put it down! It’s about time!

Okay here comes the best part! When the Titan and Paladin end up crushed under my cursed boots! Suddenly Gabriel’s son appears…. You will have to find out what happens next when you play!

I have to take a quick break here to mention how beautiful and how amazing this game is! I know that it’s not XBox One or PS4 game; but still, Dracula’s Castle is really fucking awesome!

After this cutscene we get a history lesson! This was awesome to see! Many of the younger generations are not quite familiar with Castevania series and the story was never truly that well told. But we now have a clear history of the blood-lines and we now understand who Gabriel, Simon, and Alucard really are. Again, a much needed clarification of series.

Okay so for all of you that have “SPOILER” issues don’t worry I try not to give out to much information and try to be as vague as possible! NOT!

Anyhow so far we have some new facts that just left me awestruck! Konami – still love you!


As we cover the details of Gabriel’s journey in this chapter again I have to say it’s very reminiscent of the following:

Syfy’s Ghost Hunters

AMC’s Walking Dead

Umbrella Corporation and the Resident Evil series

every suicide death movie

not without my daughter (the movie)

Zelda’s Legend of Majora’s Mask

Final Fantasy Series Time travel

Last but not least, a really bad lifetime movie network movie!

Okay, not that I have that off my chest let’s talk about this chapter. We found out in the last chapter that the Devil wants back in power and in Gabriel’s absence he has been working hard to make this happen. Gabriel has embarked on a journey to recover all of his powers and find out how to stop this from happening.

Couple of shocking (not really, I love it though) points. I kind of almost always ink myself when I have to have Gabriel run his wrist over a sharp blade (suicidal if you ask me) to receive a special power up. Wow, and holy SH**. I also love the fact that in order to receive crystal shards you have to place your hand in “pain box” so that your hand can be mutilated and bled. Sheesh!  Check it out in the video below:

Anyhow, we begin this chapter with smoke or mist being released into the streets and chaos starting to begin; we have to deal with Riot Police and cursed vampires and wait for it…..Zombies! Apparently in order for the Devil to return the world must be in chaos and that is the goal of the green mist! Muhahahahaha!

Most of this chapter is pretty linear and the gameplay and movie cut scenes (see I didn’t give away the spoilers!) are truly engaging. As we continue along we are faced with some puzzles and 2 boss fights. The first of the two is a named Stan’s Soldier and even though you get to beat the crap out of him watching him die is quite entertaining! This fight is broken into a few scenes that require button smashing and the use of train cars in full motion. Top of the train, Flat car of the train, side of the train, get Bi** slapped by items above and below the train, etc. You get the idea with a smashing ending of the sequence! Get it, smashing! LOL

Once we are done dispatching Satan’s Soldier we move on to some more linear game play and eventually we are put face to face with Gabriel’s wife and his lover. There is a bit of poisoning involved, some he said she said, and ultimately a jilted lover battle! AKA angry old wives club! Beware the rip your wrist and solve the puzzle section! I’ll let you figure it out. Oh PS Gabriel’s son does start your journey off with a touching “touch and transport to the past cut scene”. I thought you might want to know!

Now comes, the great “you must love me battle”. It’s pretty cool as it starts off with Gabriel’s wife in a “Doublemint Gum” commercial. Two women begging and pleading for all of you and your fangs too! Anyhow now you get to choose which witch is which! Ha say that five times! Yup it’s up to you to figure out which of the two is your wife and which of the twins your jilted lover! Now the fun begins! It’s time for all out war.

Okay Boss time and the jilted lover’s name is Carmilla and she has poisoned you and it’s time to get a few things done. Goals here are to steal Carmilla’s mist power, get the antidote to the poison your sucked out of her neck while drinking her blood and find and antidote for the green mist and that is turning everyone into zombies!

This boss battle has two phases and is a bitch-and-a-half! While you are being trashed by cursed vampires your must pound the heck out of Carmilla’s spinning force field with your Chaos Claws. I’ve included a video to show you this awesome fight!

Okay this wraps up the second installment review on Castlevania: Lords of the Shadow 2. Okay, so below you are going to see more cool videos!  As always email me with your questions at

Blood Opens the way

Just as you think you are ready to meet the final boss….Ambush!



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